Release Notes

Current Release support the following features:

  • Value ranges: starting and ending int data type values to iterate

  • Labels: optional string parameter values with defaults set to :
    "Fizz" for numbers divisibles by 3
    "Buzz" for numbers divisibles by 5

  • Overloads for different outputs:
    System.Console. Default output used

    System.Diagnostics.TraceListener. Output to all different implementations of TraceListener

    System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<string>. Appends all result values to generic string collection interface implementations

    System.IO.TextWriter. Outputs to all implementation of TextWriter

    System.IO.Stream. Outputs to all implementations of Stream specifying Encoding to be used

    HSFB.Lib.IFBWriter. Custom interface to be implemented that provides basic writing/reading operations

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